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In many cases, a pre-engineered steel building can offer the most economical and efficient solution to your construction needs. In order to meet those needs and maintain S. M. Andersen’s commitment to quality construction, we now offer products and services from Butler Manufacturing Company.

Butler Manufacturing Company is the worldwide leader in the design and fabrication of pre-engineered metal buildings. For over 100 years, Butler has been a respected name in the systems construction industry. With Butler, you can be assured of building designs that meet or exceed local and regional code requirements and products that maintain the highest level of quality.

Teamed with Butler, S. M. Andersen can offer you the following benefits of systems construction:

Flexibility: Systems construction offers flexibility beyond what is available with other construction methods. With a pre-engineered building, we can design you a building with bay lengths of up to 60’ and clearspan capabilities of 150’ or more. With this design flexibility, you can keep your options open as your operational requirements change over time.

Weathertightness: The Butler MR-24 Standing Seam Roof System is the most specified standing seam roof in the industry. The unique design features of this roof system will provide you with decades of worry-free protection. Low yearly maintenance costs add to the appeal of the MR-24 roof. Material and weathertightness warranties are available for up to 25 years.

Durability: Metal wall panels, combined with partial height block or tilt-up wainscots, can provide a long-term, efficient cladding system for your building. Metal wall panels can be easily insulated, increasing the energy efficiency of your facility. Wall panels are available in a number of styles and price ranges to meet your needs.

Expansion: Your pre-engineered building can be designed for ready expansion in the future. If you have a growing business, you can easily add a width or length extension as the requirements of your business grow. This allows you to minimize your initial building investment without fear of paying a cost premium to expand when the time is right for you.

Visit the Butler Manufacturing Website for additional information about Metal Building Products.