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Throughout the construction process, SM Andersen Company provides full construction management, cost management, and scheduling, while employing rigorous safety standards. Teamwork is the hallmark of our service. You can bank on SM Andersen to coordinate all activities of project participants -- subcontractors, suppliers, building officials, designers, and owner -- effectively, successfully and on time. The results are strong structures crafted by expert tradesmen that are highly valued by our clients and the communities they serve.

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control:

S.M. Andersen Company's Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) program is designed to ensure construction conforms to the quality standards incorporated in project contract documents. Our quality control program for building construction consists of independent, governmental and consultant inspections, and include:

  • General inspection of excavation, subgrade compaction, and backfilling.

  • Continuous inspection for all concrete placement for strength and slump tests.

  • Concrete strength tests for all concrete. Taking of cylinders, laboratory and field curing, and crushing tests.

  • Concrete reinforcing steel, either bars or post-tensioned, for placement, location and materials testing.

  • Structural steel erection, including inspection of bolt up and welding operations.

  • Structural masonry work including testing of masonry units, mortar, grouting, and observation of placement of reinforcing steel.

  • Review of the chemical analysis of all steelwork as obtained from suppliers.

  • Concrete mix designs required and reviewed for conformance and workability for placement.

Cost Controls:
SM Andersen employs very aggressive cost controls. The heart of our cost control system is the detailed estimate. Throughout the project, the project team uses a computer-assisted cost control system to evaluate actual costs for labor, material, equipment, and subcontracts against the detailed estimate. This provides the feedback necessary to quickly identify critical cost variances. Our project managers use the information generated to evaluate and fine-tune work practices and procedures. The timely productivity reporting, coupled with our ability to monitor subcontracts, material buyouts and equipment costs enables us to develop final cost-at-completion projections for all work activities. With this information, potential savings can be identified early in the process. The owner then has the opportunity to utilize the savings for optimizing the project work scope. Weekly cost review meetings ensure construction expenses are kept in line with the project budget.

Safety is of the utmost importance at SM Andersen. We've found that rigorous safety controls don't detract from the bottom line, but actually improve relationships and job site efficiency to ensure top quality and value for each project.

SM Andersen uses worker safety teams that call upon every individual to play an active role in risk prevention. We also use drug and alcohol testing programs to screen all onsite workers. The results have been extremely effective. Through close collaboration, everyone reaps the benefits of a safer job site and high quality results.

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Skilled Labor:
SM Andersen Company, Inc. typically utilizes our own forces to perform approximately 22% to 30% of all work items on a new construction project. This ratio can increase to as much as 50% to 55% on projects involving extensive concrete or renovation work. As a General Contractor, we maintain a highly skilled work force experienced to perform the following services:

  • Project Management
  • Project Supervision
  • Surveying and Layout
  • Traffic Control
  • Temporary Construction
  • Demolition
  • Structural Excavation
  • Concrete Forming & Placing
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Erection
  • Framing & Finish Carpentry
  • Miscellaneous Iron
  • Millwork Installation
  • Door & Finish Hardware Installation
  • Hoisting/Elevator Operations
  • Material Handling
  • Project Cleanup
  • Miscellaneous Specialties

For projects involving renovation of occupied facilities, SM Andersen Company may provide services normally performed by other trades. This approach is used when the Owner's best interest will not be served by subcontracting. Performing a substantial portion of the work with our own forces allows us to maintain a higher degree of control over work quality standards, project budget and scheduling.

S.M. Andersen Company makes full use of the various agency services contracted for by the owner, architect, consulting engineer, or state agencies as specified in the contract documents (i.e. mechanical, plumbing, electrical and elevator work) to helping perform inspections and tests. Any observable deviation from the required specifications are immediately addressed. The project team monitors quality assurance and control of subcontractors using three primary systems.

Submittal Review: All subcontractors/suppliers under our control have specific schedule commitments for the submittal of shop drawings included in their contracts. Project management immediately processes such information as it becomes available from subcontractors and suppliers to ascertain compliance levels. Non-complying submittals are returned to subcontractors/suppliers for resubmittal with reasons for non-acceptance noted. Subcontractors and suppliers are not allowed to begin work until submittals conform with project documents.

Field Inspections: Prior to the beginning of construction; the project team reviews the contract documents to identify a project's various construction processes and components. This information is then distributed to superintendents, foremen, and construction workers to use as a checklist to verify adherence to project plans and specs. With this information readily available, deviations from requirements can be quickly identified and corrected.

Field Test Samples: Test samples of the finished work or materials are frequently made to help evaluate the conformity of proposed construction processes compared to project quality objectives. The samples remain at the project site for future reference and compliance comparisons.

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